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Stephen Hatcher was a hit! The class is excited about level II!

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Binh Pho's class stretched this group with piercing and airbrush painting!


IMG_0917.JPG (952859 bytes)IMG_0910.JPG (1452048 bytes)IMG_0898.JPG (1228271 bytes)IMG_0873.JPG (1028072 bytes)

Eli Avisera enjoying his second trip to Canyon Studios!

IMG_1121.JPG (950434 bytes)IMG_1104.JPG (1004798 bytes)IMG_1118.JPG (903356 bytes)IMG_1105.JPG (917324 bytes)

Jimmy Clewes wows another class with color!

France 0607 492.jpg (2564998 bytes)France 0607 529.jpg (2787129 bytes)France 0607 533.jpg (2310154 bytes)France 0607 542.jpg (2183619 bytes)France 0607 464.jpg (2360903 bytes)France 0607 502.jpg (2451059 bytes)

Our first WOOD/GLASS class!

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Al Stirt teaches texturing and coloring.

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Class with Keith Tompkins

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Recent Class with Jimmy Clewes

Woodturning Class that with Donald Derry!

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cimg1763.jpg (132860 bytes)img_2082.jpg (1078410 bytes)

Marble Class that with Josh Mazet!

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class.jpg (355355 bytes) display.jpg (18886 bytes)
The first class pictured with instructor Jimmy Clewes (second from right) displays a few of their completed projects. A display of the completed projects.
coloring.jpg (276567 bytes) instruct1.jpg (97374 bytes)
Jimmy Clewes shows the class how to finish off white gold leaf on this colored piece. Jimmy explains the art of the grind.
instruct5.jpg (131607 bytes) instruct3.jpg (107667 bytes)
A small class size helps the instructor help everyone learn the correct technique.  It is also conducive to asking questions and reciving the individual attention in an answer.

instruct4.jpg (84415 bytes)

instruct2.jpg (88496 bytes)

Jimmy details each step along the way.

instruct6.jpg (82634 bytes)CIMG1524.JPG (121464 bytes)

Sam leads our first fused glass class!

CIMG1527.JPG (125707 bytes)CIMG1530.JPG (126379 bytes)

Learning to cut the glass isn't nearly as fun as fusing it.



IMG_1681.JPG (773270 bytes)IMG_1696.JPG (550684 bytes)IMG_1688.JPG (639550 bytes)

                                   Jimmy works closely with each student to develop and hone skills

IMG_1682.JPG (555254 bytes)IMG_1704.JPG (888238 bytes)

                                        Looks like Jimmy is even getting in on helping Santa!

IMG_1758.JPG (1077970 bytes)IMG_1667.JPG (641532 bytes)

    Meg missed this picture, she had to catch plane and our Photoshop skills didn't work.

IMG_1677.JPG (1195366 bytes)IMG_1670.JPG (654546 bytes)IMG_1665.JPG (746868 bytes)

                                                            No one is shy in this group!


IMG_1721.JPG (510182 bytes)IMG_1738.JPG (663932 bytes)IMG_1676.JPG (843848 bytes)

                Our instructors always show you how to start and how to finish a piece.

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We asked Josh Mazet if anyone thought that he looked like Bart Simpson in the hat!